Introduction to American Fulcrum

The 14 Biggest Issues Facing America Today

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Who Is American Fulcrum?

America Needs Your Help.

It’s one thing to identify important issues.

But to find the best solutions, we all need to be involved.

We are dedicated to giving a voice to all our legal United States citizens, providing an opportunity for our collective voices to be heard. It is vital to the existence of our future selves that we use our collective voices during this time of change, and work to an agreed set of beliefs that the Modern American majority can support. 

Watch our videos. Explore the website. Form your own ideas.

Then Join Us and let’s all start working toward a better America.

American Fulcrum – How To Become A Member

Illegal Immigration and Border Security – USA SAFE Program

Solutions don’t just happen.

America needs you. Join us today.


Lifetime Membership – $5.00

You can Buy the Book as a Hardcover, Paperback or as an Electronic Download. A fourth option is to Join the Movement by purchasing a Lifetime Membership to American Fulcrum. As a member, you’ll have access to each chapter of the book. You are also able to “create your own username” so that you can join blogs, forums and chat rooms to share your ideas and opinions about our modern America.

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It is time for all Americans to stand up and begin fixing America.
Join American Fulcrum and be part of our great change.