Introduction to American Fulcrum

The 14 Biggest Issues Facing America Today

Securing Our US Borders

  We must immediately position our US military assets…
July 1, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

US Elected Officials

  Quarterly performance reviews must be conducted…
July 2, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

US Media Accountability

Journalists, reporters and media corporations must be rated and…
July 3, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

K-12 – University – Workplace Security

More than 486 children and adults have been killed by active…
July 4, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

US Legal System

Over 100 million cases were filed in our US court systems…
July 5, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

US Welfare System

The total spending on United States welfare will exceed $1 trillion…
July 6, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

Illegal Immigration Control

Privatizing the control of illegal immigration will create $50…
July 7, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

US Prison System

US Taxpayers will pay more than $80 billion to support the US…
July 8, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

US Foreign Aid

The US gives more than $33 billion annually to 144 foreign nations…
July 9, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

US Tax System

In 2015, more than $4-trillion was generated by our US government…
July 10, 2016/by af_wpAdmin


The foundation of religion is faith, which gives way to hope.…
July 11, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

Foundation of America

The founding principles of our forefathers are not ours to change...  …
July 12, 2016/by af_wpAdmin


We must stop allowing racism to be used as a tool. We must understand…
July 13, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

Homeless in America

On a single night in January 2015 more than 560,000 Americans…
July 14, 2016/by af_wpAdmin

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Who Is American Fulcrum?

America Needs Your Help.

It’s one thing to identify important issues.

But to find the best solutions, we all need to be involved.

We are dedicated to giving a voice to all our legal United States citizens, providing an opportunity for our collective voices to be heard. It is vital to the existence of our future selves that we use our collective voices during this time of change, and work to an agreed set of beliefs that the Modern American majority can support. 

Watch our videos. Explore the website. Form your own ideas.

Then Join Us and let’s all start working toward a better America.

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