About American Fulcrum

American Fulcrum is an organization dedicated to giving a voice to our fellow United States citizens. By capturing the most dominant operational and social issues facing modern Americans today, American Fulcrum provides an opportunity where our collective voices can be heard. To create a common forum for introducing and discussing these issues, American Fulcrum has created a fully integrated website with chat rooms, forums, video messaging as well as all social media connectivity.

American Fulcrum has also created a book called; “Building The American Fulcrum” to provide a starting point for discussing the social, operational and economic issues that are in need of change in our country. This one book delivers complex solutions to the complex issues facing America today.

By establishing a common forum for discussion, Americans can express their views to give structure and balance to these issues. It is vital to the existence of our future selves that we use our collective voices during this time of change, and work to an agreed set of beliefs that the Modern American majority can support. “Building The American Fulcrum” offers not only incredible ideas to resolve the current problems facing our country, but also challenges every American to use their voice in helping guide America into our collective future.


Lifetime Membership – $5.00


You can Buy the Book as a Hardcover, Paperback or as an Electronic Download. A fourth option is to Join the Movement by purchasing a Lifetime Membership to American Fulcrum. As a member, you’ll have access to each chapter of the book. You are also able to “create your own username” so that you can join blogs, forums and chat rooms to share your ideas and opinions about our modern America.


It is time for all Americans to stand up and begin fixing America.
Join American Fulcrum and be part of our great change.