US Prison System

US Taxpayers will pay more than $80 billion to support the US prison systems in 2016…

US prisons are overcrowded and expensive to run. The US federal and state governments must implement programs that reduce the number of non-violent inmates that are currently incarcerated. As programs are developed to reduce the current prison population, other programs must be put in place to provide opportunities and purpose for the departing inmates. We must give departing inmates a solid chance to make a life for themselves in American society.

Discussed in the US Prison System chapter of Building the American Fulcrum, The US Bureau of Prisons should implement the Structured Training for Assured Rehabilitation?(STAR) Program This program is a complete rehabilitation solution designed to provide inmates with a solid foundation to succeed in American society after prison. The USA-STAR Program is the most advanced program ever created to assure rehabilitation for inmates.

Through specialized teaching and training programs, each inmate is prepared to function in American society and is provided with a skillset in order to successfully hold a job. One requirement of the program is that each inmate must pass the Bureau of Prison high school aptitude test in order to be released from prison. Other benefits of the program are personal and business skills training, team building, job enhancement training, job placement, among others.

In addition, the USA-STAR Program provides a reduction in budget spend for the US Bureau of Prisons, as a joint alliance is formed with each US state’s Welfare Assistance Office for inmate rehabilitation. Each US state’s Welfare Assistance Office will be able to utilize their USA-STAND™ budget to fund their operations in the USA-STAR Program.


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