The foundation of religion is faith, which gives way to hope. And hope is ours for whatever purpose we choose…

Religion is defined as a set of beliefs that give cause, nature and purpose to the universe, usually involving devotion and rituals in observances of a god, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. There are many forms of religion practiced in the United States and they are all based on faith. Even the atheist and agnostic have faith there is no form of god, and thereby give form to their own type of religion.

In the Religion chapter of Building the American Fulcrum, the idea of religion is given validation as an effect to hope and faith. Those that work to disprove religion and deity do not clearly understand the relationship that faith and hope have with the human spirit.

It is the cynical individuals that work to disprove the deity figures of religion believing that disproving the deity will disprove religion. How could a religion exist without a deity to create it? The truth is, no human that exists knows if there is a deity in any form or substance. For a human being to claim to know the existence or non-existence of a higher form is absurd.Enter the term cynical individual as the human that exists and claims to know the truth of higher form as opposed to believing there is a higher form.

And even more profound, is the cynical individual’s failure to understand that religion is the result of faith; not deity. Faith, that in choosing grace when confronted with life choices will yield hope. And hope is the right of every human being. Hope is ours to own for whatever purpose we choose. It is our hope that protects us, it is our hope that guides us, it is our hope that relieves us, and it is our hope that provides us hope. And who is anyone to try and take hope, to try and reduce the abundance of hope, to try and belittle hope. It is not yours to take. So to the cynical individual, it must be said that religion is the result of faith, born from grace and the order of man.



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