US Media Accountability

Journalists, reporters and media corporations must be rated and held accountable for the accuracy of information provided to America…

Currently, there are no accountability measures in place for journalists or reporters. Articles and news feeds are often sensationalized to evoke emotion and to ensure viewership or subscription services. There is no formal accountability for error, other than a small printed retraction or on-air correction. Journalists and reporters must be held accountable to a higher level in reporting the truth and accuracy of information provided to the American people, without bias or sensationalism.

Building the American Fulcrum discusses in detail, procedures to keep the United States’ media professionals accountable for their reporting. To ensure a more formal level of accuracy in reporting, professional journalists and reporters in the United States should be required to earn a press license before they can work in the media industry. Professional denotes that only those journalists and reporters that are paid to work in the media industry are required to be licensed. This will allow others to continue their pursuit of journalistic and reporting interests, just not receive payment. Should a journalist or reporter administratively lose their press license, they will no longer be able to earn money from media companies for their services.

When a media company or corporation controls multiple media outlets, an accuracy grade will be established for that company or corporation based on the grades of their controlled media outlets.These grades will allow the United States public to know each media outlet, company and corporation’s accuracy in reporting information. If a media outlet, company or corporation falls below an accuracy rating of 70%, they must pay fines to the US FCC and be put on probation until the inaccuracy in information reporting is corrected. If the media outlet, company or corporation cannot increase their information accuracy rating to above 70% within 6 months of being put on probation, they will lose their license and be closed.


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