Foundation of America

The founding principles of our forefathers are not ours to change…

As Americans work to build a fulcrum of balance that the legal citizens of our nation can support, we must utilize lessons from our past rather than waste time learning them again. In recent years, the idea of America being a multi-culture society has served only to dilute our sovereignty as a nation and our national identity. As Americans, we already have our own culture, our own society, our own language and our own history. By allowing foreign interests to become American interests, the principles upon which America was founded will be nullified and our country will falter as a result.

In the Foundation of America chapter of Building the American Fulcrum, the fact that our American Heritage has already been established is endorsed. Our nation’s forefathers put in place a set of governances that were accepted by the American majority in order to establish the United States of America. These governances that have guided generations of Americans, and are the foundation of our Modern America today, must not be altered to appease foreign interests or those not of the American majority. Uncle Sam, the Stars and Stripes, “In God We Trust” are all good, are all important foundations of America and are all accepted as such by the American majority. We must work as a nation to protect our core values and ask those that would see them change to leave our country and be part of another nation that fits more with their individual ideas of how a nation of people shouldbe structured.

The world we want depends on us. It depends on you America. We must work together to develop our American Fulcrum to balance the complex issues that shape our modern world. It is only through balance that we can continue to achieve greatness as a country.


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