We must immediately position our US military assets to forward positions along our US borders…

There are currently no US military assets pre-positioned along any of our US borders, leaving the borders open and exposed. With nothing in place to counter an insurgent force (in any capacity) on any US border, our legal US citizens are left vulnerable to whomever and whatever wants to enter our country. In 2015, over 350 million people crossed over the USA-Mexico border legally and more than 200,000 illegally. The irresponsibility of our US government to control our US borders has led to more than 11 million unauthorized illegal immigrants living and working in the United States.

In the “Securing our United States Borders” chapter of Building The American Fulcrum, prior US Special Forces commanders have created a strategic and complete plan for closing and securing all of our United States borders. This 60 page chapter provides, in EXTREME DETAIL, the processes by which the United States government can immediately close and secure our US borders. Some of these strategic processes designed to control all individuals entering the United States include:

  • Reduce the currently more than 40 USA-Mexico border crossing points to 6 controlled border crossing points.
  • At each of the controlled border crossing points, a Border Crossing Terminal (BCT) will be constructed. Each Border Crossing Terminal will function much like an airport terminal, complete with ticketing, baggage check and full body scan security.
  • Individual (non-immigrant foreign visitors as well as US citizens) will only be authorized to leave or enter the United States 1 time every 6 months.
  • Foreign countries will be limited on the number of citizens from their country that may be in the United States at any one time. The assigned number of non-immigrant foreign visitors a country is authorized to have in the US at any one time will be based on the current threat level the US has assigned to that country.
  • The maximum a non-immigrant foreign visitor may stay in the United States is 3 weeks. This policy applies to all foreign individuals entering the US (political dignitaries, students, business, vacation, medical procedures, etc.).
  • If any citizen from a foreign country misses their exit date out of the United States, all immigration from that country stops until the individual of group of individuals are found and deported. Anyone missing their exit date out of the United States is denied future entry into the United States for 7 years.
  • Only 12 US airports may be used for entry into the United States. All persons entering the United States by air travel (non-immigrant foreign visitors and legal US citizens) must clear US customs at 1 of these 12 US airports.
  • All ships requesting entry to US waters and US ports must be inspected outside of US Territorial Waters (12 miles off any US shoreline) at a floating inspection station controlled by the US Navy. Multiple floating inspections stations will be established in the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico. Ship crews and cargo inspections will be conducted by US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) at these floating inspection stations. Ship in violation of US Customs laws will be detained. Ships that pass the inspection will be escorted to US ports of entry by the US Coast Guard for a secondary inspection.
  • And so much more……

It is time for all Americans to stand and fix our country. We must hold our US government accountable for the lack of US border control that has led to 11.3 million illegal immigrants living in the US, enormous amounts of illegal drugs crossing our un-controlled US borders, and numerous devastating terrorist attacks conducted due to the lack of US entry control of foreign visitors.


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