US Elected Officials

Quarterly performance reviews must be conducted on all US elected officials as a measure to enforce “Term Limits”…

US government elected officials have the primary responsibility of representing the American people in their elected positions. The fundamental issue, however, is there is no exact measure for accountability of service for our US government elected officials as there is rarely an established criteria for service. It is generally understood that US government elected officials provide representation, legislation, constituent service as well as providing information to those they represent.

In the US Government Elected Officials chapter of Building the American Fulcrum, programs and policies are introduced that are designed to hold elected government officials accountable to their elected positions. In order to create a more efficient level of US government, our US government elected officials must be provided with a job performance program that correlates to the position to which they have been elected. The job performance program should establish objectives of the position and performance indicators to determine if the US government elected official is performing to the level of the guidelines established in the job performance program.

The Government Representative Assured National Development (USA-GRAND?) Program is designed to establish job performance structure to the positions held by our US government elected officials. The objective of the USA-GRAND Program is to ensure the needs of the American people are being met during the term of service provided by our US government elected officials.


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