Illegal Immigration Control

Privatizing the control of illegal immigration will create $50 billion of revenue in the US annually…

There are many national issues that currently affect the legal citizens of the United States as it relates to illegal immigration. Of primary importance is the extremely high cost of having illegal immigrants in the United States. Our system of US government is not designed to provide continued support to illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States as our national deficit will attest. At the same time, our US workforce must have the option of being augmented with low-cost labor as currently afforded by the illegal immigrants living and working in the United States.

To ensure the peaceful deportation of the illegal immigrants currently living and working in the United States, while simultaneously augmenting our US workforce with low-cost migrant labor, we must privatize immigration control. Through the USA Structured Augmentation of Foreign Employees (USA-SAFE) Program, the United States can peacefully ensure the deportation of most illegal immigrants from the US while continuing to support the current American workforce. Once fully implemented, the USA-SAFE Program can generate more than $29 billion annually to private US businesses. In addition, the USA-SAFE Program has been designed to pay for the security and control of our US borders (“Securing our United States Borders”) by adding an estimated $21 billion annually to the US Border Defense Program.

The current affects of illegal immigration on the United States include:

  • There are currently more than 11.3 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. This includes more than 3.4 illegal immigrant households that cost the US taxpayers an estimated $64.6 billion in 2015.
  • There are currently 8.1 million illegal immigrant workers in the United States. In fact, 5.6% of our current American workforce is made up of illegal immigrants. The USA-SAFE Program removes these illegal immigrant workers from our US companies and employers while simultaneously providing qualified backfills. These backfill workers will pay US federal and state income tax.
  • According to the US Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) 65.6% of households headed by illegal immigrants utilize some type of US federal government welfare. This includes 59.1% of unauthorized illegal immigrant households utilizing US government food programs and 56% of unauthorized illegal immigrant households having at least 1 person on Medicaid.
  • The Selfishness of some Americans that would allow illegal immigrants to remain in America must be stopped. By allowing illegal immigrants to seek employment and solace in the United States, we are depriving their countries of origin, and their countries citizens, of the courage those who leave take with them. We must ensure the illegal immigrants living in America today are returned to their countries of origin so they can be a part of growing their countries future.


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