We must stop allowing racism to be used as a tool. We must understand the difference between racism and culture…

Racism, as an action, is a very powerful tool. It is often exploited by the media to gain ratings and sell publications; it is exploited by politicians to capitalize on political agendas; and it is exploited in business to create capital. As difficult as it may seem, we as a people must work to remove the power that is owned by racism from those that would use it for their own gains.

Racism is defined as the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. This is to say that being a person of an inferior race is being a person with low traits and capacity that requires others to ensure they exist; that inferior people do not possess the ability to achieve individual existence. In the Racism chapter of Building the American Fulcrum, ideas are introduced that promote effective measures of how to remove the stigma that is racism. The first step in removing the power of racism is to remove from our society the stereotype of individuals being inferior. It is important for each one of us is self-reliant, accountable, independent, and relevant.

We live in a country of great freedom and abundance, yet too often live our lives as we are deprived. Each individual must open their eyes and see the abundance that surrounds them. Opportunity, generosity and goodness surround us all and create the unique environment that affords individual independence. And true equality can only be achieved through independence of one’s self.


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