US Legal System

Over 100 million cases were filed in our US court systems in 2015…

As of 2015, there were 1,300,705 lawyers licensed to practice law in the United States. Of these US lawyers, more than 950,000 were in private practice. Lawyers in private practice had an average hourly bill rate of $361. In addition, there were an estimated 1.6 paralegalsto each private practice lawyer billing an average of $116 per hour to clients.

The average legal US citizen is unable to afford a US lawyer at the rates currently being charged by private practice US lawyers. Our legal system has been allowed to become income biased and does not provide equal protection under the law. With the inability to hire quality legal representation, legal US citizens are forced to yield to those with means, regardless of innocence or correctness. A more affordable US system of law must be put in place to provide a more equal attainability of legal representation for all our legal US citizens.

Private practice attorneys should never be allowed extreme profiting from protecting therights of our legal United States’ citizens. To establish a standardization of cost for service by all lawyers practicing law in the United States, a wage scale system should be established by each US state for the lawyers licensed to practice law in their state. The Lawyer Wage Scale system, introduced in the US Legal System chapter of Building the American Fulcrum, will be applicable to all lawyers that work for, or own, a private practice. Each US state will be responsible for management and administration of their state’s Lawyer Wage Scale.


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