US Foreign Aid

The US gives more than $33 billion annually to 144 foreign nations with no requirement for repayment…

United States Foreign Aid is aid given to foreign countries by the US government and is a component of the US International Affair’s budget. US Foreign Aid was designed to provide assistance to developing foreign nations in promoting economic growth, improving and stabilizing government, reducing poverty, expanding access to medical assistance and health care, promoting human and equal rights, expanding public education, assisting the US in the war on illegal drugs and strengthening bonds with allied foreign nations.

In recent years the US government has utilized foreign aid for US national security anti-terrorist interests by working to promote global development of foreign nations. The United States spent approximately $33 billion on foreign aid in 2015, providing assistance to over 140 foreign countries. Since 2001, nearly all US foreign aid — military as well as economic — has been provided in the form of grants, with loans representing less than 1% of total US foreign aid appropriations. The de-emphasis on loan programs came largely in response to the debt problems of developing countries. The decision was made by both US Congress and the Executive Branch of the US government that foreign aid should not add to the already existing debt burden carried by developing countries.

United States Foreign Aid is vital to the global development of foreign nations, but there must be changes made to the US foreign aid programs in place today. America must work to grow these developing countries into independent nations, thereby removing their need for economic assistance from outside interests. The US foreign aid program must be restructured to provide more effective assistance to developing nations.

To accomplish this action, the US government should implement the USA Building Unified Leadership through Designed Structure (USA-BUILDS?) Program as the primary means of providing developmental US foreign Aid to foreign developing countries. As described in the US Foreign Aid chapter of Building the American Fulcrum, the USA-BUILDS Program is designed to ensure foreign aid is earned by workers in foreign countries and not given as grants to foreign governments. The USA-BUILDS program also details how foreign aid monies will be repaid to the United States, thereby creating millions of dollars of revenue to the US economy each year.


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