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The legal citizens of the United States have been looking for a way to be part of a strong movement to lead change. Well here we are – and we need your help – America needs your help. So be part of our American strength and call to action. Together we can “Make America Great”.

American Fulcrum is an organization dedicated to changing America by finding the proper balance needed to “Make America Great”. By consolidating the major issues facing America today on one website, we are able to start the progress of change.

To start leading our legal US Citizens to change, American Fulcrum has published a book that provides detailed solutions to the major issues America has been forced to face over the last several years. “Building The American Fulcrum” provides detailed solutions to the complex issues of:

Some of the chapters such as “Securing our US Borders” and “US Illegal Immigration Control” provide extremely detailed solutions written by US Army Special Forces commanders. Other solutions are written by some of our country’s best and brightest minds.

The objective of our book and this website is to generate dialog between our legal US Citizens in a common forum. We must work as a united people to find balanced solutions that the “American Majority” can agree upon and support. Once the idea of change has been created and accepted, the hearts and minds of the American people will push all legal citizens to “Make America Great”.

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It is time for all Americans to stand up and begin fixing America.
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